Keep fighting, Liz. There are demons that walk among us...and there are also angels. One of them is named Liz Crokin.

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Thank You Liz, God bless You and Your's 🙏 💪

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I watched the Pizzagate disclosure from its unveiling and recall how this shocking information was disputed, and then ignored. People refused to believe it, or never saw it because it was maligned & suppressed. Many people feel powerless to stop the monsters who aim to control our lives or think it doesn’t apply to them.

It seems we live in more of a nightmare than ever.

Babies to adults are being emotionally and/or physical destroyed. Thank you, Liz, for using your platform to continue trying to end it and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The fact it has been six years since first reported underscores how little of this crime has been disrupted. Some progress has been made but compared to the destruction it generates, it couldn’t end soon enough.

I'm grateful that you continue to reveal this horror show that has taken over leadership, and that you've located people who help you get your information to people who care.

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God Bless you, Liz. I pray you're able to get an apology at least, but a compensation settlement for sure!!!

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I hope this outcry finally reflects the public's disgust and refusal to bypass the inhuman fantasies of the rich and famous.

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I will always support this substack...

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James Alefantis” = J’aime les enfants = I love children (French) his last name is Rothschild.

GQ Names José Andrés, James Alefantis Among Most Powerful People in Washington


He dated David Brock of Media Matters

Media Matters funded by Hillary and Soros money.

It’s always the same people.

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